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VFX High-End
We have the best VFX Composite Studio and equipments in Korea. We are looking for artists who can run Autodesk Flame, Flame Assist, Nuke on VFX. VFX-based technology, knowledge and know-how.
Digital Composite
We are hiring person who can produce effect output and video Re-touch by using After Effect, Nuke, Cinema 4D and other Digital 2D & 3D S/W
Recruiting artists and technical director Using Maya S/W to output 3D Modeling, Animation, Lighting etc. Also looking for match move team who can do High-end Tracking using Boujou. After when assistant period is over, you can become a professional of pipeline.
VFX Supervisior &
VIXEN VFX Studio and Production are the most important division which are in charge of not only Studio Process but also video Creative Solution, Technical Solution, VFX Technical Shooting, and Studio VFX Supervising. There are the best known VFX supervisors and VIXEN firstly established VFX team in Korea. We are looking for a person who has an experience on this field and knows principle of video production.
Graphic Design &
we highlight the importance of Graphic Design and MotionGraphic when producing video and looking for an artist who can use Graphic Design S/W MotionGraphic tool.
Digital FX Artist
We are looking for Digital FX Artist who can use Maya, Houdini and software relates to FX. You need to know the basic work of Fluids And Particle dynamics.
We are currently looking for a producer who cooperatively work with clients to be in charge of VIXEN VFX Studio and VIXEN Digital Production that is the central division of VIXEN and has experience on Commercial Film, Feature Film, NewMedia video Solution. Anyone who has experience on video production especially of advertisement and movie has more benefits to apply.
We are looking for an editor who can edit vivid video clips such as Commercial Film and Feature Film using Final cut Pro.
VIXEN does Co-Production with both companies from variety of industries and personal. We are looking forward to cooperatively achieving our goals through our infrastructure.
Creative & Director
VIXEN Creative produces variety of video especially that can be combined with digital studios. We are currently looking for a person who is keen on video production and there would be more benefit if you have experience on Creative, Art and Co-Production is also available.

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