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  • VFX

    VIXEN VFX provides advanced outputs which overcomes limitations through our best technology of VFX supervision, VFX Solution Producing, 3D Animation, Digital FX, High-end position editing, and more. Starting with the Solution Review at the Planning stage, the process of Pre- Production, VFX Shooting, and VFX Studio ensuring optimal efficiency and quality.


    VIXEN ARTWORK sophisticatedly expresses that meets the whole concept of video with Graphic Design, Motion Graphic, Typography, Art Expression, Illustration. Also a wide variety of artwork expressions are available through co-production system with various artists and Creative Production.


    Automotive commercial requires the best technical skills and a variety of expressions in the field of TV commercial, and VIXEN has produced more than 500 best and most automotive videos in Korea for more than 20 years. Especially, based on our unique production Know-How and experience, we provide our clients with the best outputs especially in the field of automobile advertisement which requires high-end quality.